One World Romania at School

One World Romania at School is the educational program of the One World Romania Association, working on several initiatives aimed at teachers and students. We work towards promoting the usage of documentary films as educational instruments, as well as encouraging discussions on human rights topics in Romanian high schools, starting from the subject matter of the films that we screen.

Our projects dedicated to teachers:

  • Trainings for teachers - guidance sessions which encourage professors to use documentaries in class
  • luna.doc - a month-long program of thematic screenings in high schools around the country
  • Matineés - special screenings for high school students, organised during the One World Romania International Human Rights & Documentary Festival

Our projects dedicated to students:

  • Documentary Film Clubs - cine-clubs in high schools organised by students, using films from the OWR at School collection
  • AdDOC - a documentary film festival in high schools, organised by teenagers
  • High School Students’ Jury - the only jury of the One World Romania International Human Rights & Documentary Festival, formed exclusively by high school students
  • Creative Documentation Workshop - ten days of trainings centered around creative methods of research, based in small local communities

Our projects dedicated to teachers, students and local communities:

Beginning with 2015, One World Romania at School has been organised in partnership with the Romanian-American Foundation and is supported by CEZ Group.

Founded in 2009, the One World Romania Association organizes a yearly eponymous festival, Romania’s only film festival dedicated to human rights. Along with its flagship event, the association organises various events with similar thematics throughout the year, such as screenings across the country, the Sahia Vintage DVD collection (dedicated to protecting and restoring Romania’s cinematographic heritage), and the KineDok series, which creates a network of alternative distribution for creative documentary films.